What I was aiming for creating this Asset was a system that keeps track of one or several objects positions and rotations at a certain point of time. I started out creating a struct RecordKeyFrame to hold those values.

The Recorder script is basically a little state machine in itself that does take care of recording and replaying in different modes. I included a regular replay, which replays the scene in its normal time scale, a fast forward mode, a slow-motion mode and one for rewinding which plays the scene backwards. I am aware that there would be a bunch of other things you could do – so I made sure to give you the option of tweaking the timescale values in the inspector.

The RecordManager class is responsible for triggering a state. In the case of my example, I am working with UI Buttons – but you can tailor it to your liking and just wire it up however it is necessary for your game. My solution is basically just meant as a guide and a demonstration aid.

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